Some Of The Catastrophic Injuries You May Suffer After A Trailer Truck Hits You And How You Can Seek Justice

Truckers should focus on the road to ensure their safety and that of other road users. If this does not happen, they might veer off the road or fail to stop when necessary. As a result, they might hit other road users or objects, which can cause significant damage and injuries to those involved. More so, because a trailer truck is larger and heavier than your vehicle, when it hits you you might suffer the catastrophic injuries discussed below. When this happens, contact an auto accident law attorney immediately so that they can pursue compensation as you recover. 

Injuries to the Upper Body 

When a big rig hits your vehicle, the impact might throw your body against your vehicle's interior parts. At times, the force can even throw you out of your vehicle. When this happens, you can suffer severe injuries to your upper body. For example, if you suffer a violent blow to your head, you might sustain serious internal harm, including brain injuries. Moreover, you might lose cognitive and physical abilities when the impact hurts your brain. The collision can also make you suffer spinal cord and neck injuries.

Note that these conditions may be very expensive to treat and manage. Therefore, you need a medical check-up immediately after the crash to determine their severity. Then, contact a legal advisor to assist you in pursuing compensation.

Severe Burns

You may be at risk of suffering severe burns if you collide with a truck carrying dangerous chemicals or gasoline. When this happens, the semi might catch fire that spreads to nearby vehicles, including yours. Consequently, you might sustain serious injuries that require extensive care and a lengthy hospital stay. In addition, you may need expensive medical care if you suffer chemical burns that might occur if you touch leaking harmful substances. In these cases, a truck injury attorney can help you hold the wrongdoers accountable to get compensation for your injuries.

Internal Trauma

You should know that some truck accidents cause damage to internal organs, including your blood vessels, liver, lungs, and more. Further, chest and rib fractures can also cause severe harm to the organs around them, which can be life-threatening. Therefore, you need to seek treatment right after the crash to prevent complications that might result in death. Then, hire a lawyer to help you take legal action against the wrongdoers as you receive medical care.

If you are dealing with the injuries above, an auto accident attorney can assist you in getting compensated for your injuries. They will start by investigating the crash and gathering evidence to prove that you suffered injustice and require compensation. Your attorney will then represent you when dealing with the insurance companies or litigating your case in court to ensure you get a favorable settlement.

Contact a local auto accident lawyer to learn more. 

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