How Construction Companies Should Handle Litigation With Employees

If you have a construction company, there may eventually be employees who end up trying to sue you. This will involve litigation and it's important that your construction company handles it in the following ways. 

Find Out Why Litigation is Taking Place

The first thing you need to do when approaching litigation with an employee is find out what their grievances are. You need to see why they're suing you in the first place because then, you can determine the validity of their claims and figure out how to respond as the defendant going forward.

Maybe the employee is suing for a workplace accident that happened years ago or suing because they don't believe they were paid fairly for a job. Find out these grievances for certain before you attempt to deal with litigation in an official manner.

Don't Communicate With the Employee

After finding out that your construction company is being sued by a current or former employee, your first inclination may be to reach out and smooth things over. You don't want to do this because it could be viewed as using intimidation tactics. Then it would be a lot harder to deal with litigation going forward.

The best thing for your construction company now is to leave the employee be, and instead figure out how you're going to defend yourself. Hiring an attorney is a good start and so is gathering forms of evidence that prove your construction company's innocence. 

Research Laws Surrounding Charge

Once you find out the reason why your construction company is being sued by an employee, it's important to research laws surrounding this charge. Then you can see what tactics will prove pivotal to your defense going forward.

For instance, if you're being sued for inadequate worker's compensation, you'll want to look up specific laws that relate to this compensation in your area. Then you'll be able to tell where the fault lies, if at all. Again, you can hire a construction attorney to better understand these laws and then go forward with clarity. This gives you the best shot at neutralizing this stressful legal situation. 

If you manage a construction business and litigation ever comes up, you want to handle it in a proactive and calculated manner. Then you won't be just reacting as a defendant, but performing key actions that help you avoid spending a fortune on a stressful lawsuit. You'll then have a good shot at keeping construction operations going strong still.

For help with your construction disputes, contact a legal firm in your area.

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