4 Things Workers' Compensation Attorneys Will Use To Maximize Your Benefits

You may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits if you're injured on the job. These benefits can cover your medical expenses and lost wages while you recover from your injuries. However, getting the full amount may be difficult if your employer or their insurance company disputes your claim. That's where workers' compensation attorneys come in. They know what to do to help their clients maximize claims. Here are four things they'll use to get you a higher settlement:

Medical Records

After a workplace accident, you will likely receive medical treatment from a doctor or other healthcare provider. The information documented by these medical professionals can be helpful in building your case because it will provide supporting evidence of your injuries and how it has affected your ability to work. A workers' compensation attorney will request copies of your medical records to help establish your injuries' severity and support your claim. This could include things like X-rays, MRI results, and doctor's notes. The more documentation you have of your injuries, the easier it will be to get more benefits.

Job Description

Your job description will help your attorney determine what type of work you were doing before the injury and how much you were being paid for it. If your injuries prevent you from doing your usual duties, a workers' compensation lawyer will need this information to negotiate a fair settlement that covers your lost wages. It may also be crucial when filing for a disability claim.

Income History

Your income history is another important factor that may be required to get you a higher settlement. It will show how much money you were making before you were injured. Without this information, an insurance company may have difficulty knowing your potential future earnings. A workers' compensation lawyer will help you get the necessary records to prove your income.


Expenses vary from one individual to the next and can help in determining your settlement. It will show the amount of money you have been spending on medical bills, living expenses, and anything related to your injury. It will also show how much you are projected to lose in the future. Through this tool, a workers' compensation attorney can negotiate a higher settlement for you.

Getting the full amount of benefits you are entitled to can be tricky. However, if you hire workers' compensation attorneys, you will have a much better chance of getting the highest settlement. Contact a local firm like Bollenbeck Law, S.C. for more info. 

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