Hiring An Attorney To Contest A Speeding Ticket

Have you been driving for decades without committing any traffic offenses but a police officer is accusing you of speeding? If you are not guilty of the offense you are being accused of and are worried about your driving record getting tarnished, the speeding ticket can be contested. Making the mistake of ticketing the wrong driver is not uncommon for officers, especially when they are monitoring a busy street. For example, when there are numerous vehicles traveling down a road, an officer can accidentally pull over the wrong driver for speeding. If you are serious about fighting your speeding ticket, hire an attorney to prove that you were wrongfully accused and that the ticket should be dismissed.

Assessing the Traffic Ticket for Mistakes

During the initial stage of hiring an attorney, you will have to have a consultation so he or she can decide if the traffic ticket is worth fighting in court. If the consultation is conducted over the phone, you will need to take the attorney a copy of the traffic ticket. However, if the consultation is conducted in person, simply bring the ticket with you to hand over to the attorney. They will assess the ticket to look for any mistakes that can be used against the officer in question. For example, if the officer wrote down the wrong vehicle make and model, the information can be used to contest the ticket.

Investigating the Officer That Issued the Ticket

One of the most useful skills of an attorney in a legal dispute is the ability to perform an investigation when it is necessary to do so. For example, an attorney might investigate the officer that issued your speeding ticket if they feel as though it will solidify your case. The investigation might include finding out how many other drivers contested tickets and won cases against the officer. An investigation can also be performed to locate surveillance footage of how you were driving in comparison to other drivers near your vehicle when the speeding ticket was issued. Surveillance footage might prove that the officer ticketed the wrong driver.

Paying a Lawyer to Fight a Traffic Ticket

You might wonder if it is worth spending money on hiring a lawyer to fight a traffic ticket. Hiring an attorney to fight a traffic ticket is worth the investment because it can keep your driving record clean. The reason a clean driving record is important is that it can prevent your auto insurance premium from being raised. Receive a price quote when you consult with an attorney about your speeding ticket. 

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