Ways A Child Custody Lawyer Can Advocate For Your Rights As A Father

Divorce proceedings can be emotionally draining. And if children are involved, the dissolution of your marriage to your former spouse becomes increasingly complicated, more so if you are not on the same page. Unfortunately, some men will automatically assume that it is up to their ex-wife to determine if and when they can spend time with their children when this could not be further from the truth. The reality is that, as long as you are a fit parent, you have the same rights as the mother does to access your shared kids. Problems may arise when you choose to defend yourself in court when your ex-wife has chosen legal representation in an attempt to win a custody battle with you. Instead of hoping for the best, consider the following ways a child custody lawyer can advocate for your rights as a father.

A child custody lawyer will advocate for the best custody arrangement

Contrary to popular belief, fathers are no longer viewed as secondary parents whose sole role is providing for the family. Rather, it is currently widely accepted that children need the love and presence of their fathers just like their mothers. Hence, you should not presume that the only custody arrangements available to you are joint and legal custody where your former spouse could be granted sole or physical custody. The first thing that your lawyer will do is collect evidence to build a case that shows you are just as capable of taking care of your children. If the child custody attorney can prove to the court that it is in the best interests for the kids to live with you as their primary caregiver, you could be granted sole custody and would be entitled to receiving child support from your ex-wife.

A child custody lawyer will ensure your child is not put up for adoption

In some instances, you may find that the mother of the child has decided to put the child in question up for adoption without your consent. If you have not been present in the child's life, whether you had been out of the country or do not have an amicable relationship with the mother, you could be thinking that you have no say in the matter, but this is grossly incorrect. It is imperative to hire a child custody attorney for two main reasons. To begin with, the child custody lawyer will facilitate the establishment of paternity to show that you are the biological parent of the child. Furthermore, you can decline to relinquish your parental rights, which effectively halts the adoption process. Your child custody attorney can also help you fight for sole custody if you so choose.

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