4 Defense Strategies Your Felony Lawyer May Use in Your Criminal Case

If you're facing criminal charges, it's necessary to have a defense strategy to help you avoid hefty fines or a lengthy jail term. This is only possible after your felony attorney sifts through the evidence that the prosecution collects and hearing your account of what transpired during the alleged crime. Remember that felony attorney defense tactics vary because the strategies used depend on the questions they ask and the answers you provide. Here are some of the most common strategies your lawyer can employ to potentially help you win your case.

1. Illegally obtained evidence

If your criminal case involves police officers searching and seizing items in your house, there's a chance that the search wasn't legal. This is because the constitution protects you against unwarranted searches and seizures. So, before a law enforcement officer searches and seizes an item, they need to obtain a search warrant based on probable cause. If this procedure isn't followed, your felony lawyer can challenge the process of collecting evidence. If they convince the court that the investigation was unlawful, the evidence obtained following the search won't be admissible at trial. 

2. Your action was in self-defense

Suppose that you got arrested by a law enforcement officer for assault, and you were in a group of several people. In such a case, it can prove challenging for the arresting officer to have the correct information on how the altercation started. Therefore, there's a possibility that your assault case is due to self-defense. If this is the case, your felony attorney will need to prove that you were involved in an assault because you felt like you were in danger. 

3. You have an alibi

If you have an alibi, your lawyer can prove that you were not at the scene of a crime when the incident was happening. In addition, surveillance footage and testimonies from family members and neighbors can act as proof of your whereabouts. Also, if a crime occurred at a specific time and your attorney has evidence to show that you were not in that area at the time of the crime, your case will be dismissed.

4. A strong argument while cross-examining the arresting officer 

When cross-examining the arresting officer, your lawyer will try to inquire about their training and disciplinary record. If an officer has had several disciplinary issues in the past, such records may significantly impact their credibility during a trial. In addition, their recollection of the events that led to the arrest will be questioned, primarily if the police report during the incident is poorly written.

When you're arrested and charged with a criminal offense, your greatest worry is being convicted for a crime. To get the best outcome, ensure that you seek the services of a felony lawyer. Contact a felony lawyer for more information. 

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