How To Seek Compensation From Multiple Parties After A Truck Accident

A truck accident can be very expensive. The size of the truck can lead to a colossal amount of damage, and you might suffer very grave injuries. However, when seeking compensation for your injuries, you may be able to sue more than one party.

The Insurance Provider

The most common party that you may take legal action against is the insurance provider. Unlike auto accident insurance providers, a commercial truck insurance provider has a much higher policy limit. Therefore, you are more likely to receive a settlement that fully pays for all of your expenses. However, this is not always necessarily the case.

You will always want to work with a truck accident attorney when involved in a commercial truck accident. The insurance providers have attorneys that are very aggressive, and the insurance adjuster will do everything possible to reduce the liability of the policyholder.

The Trucking Company

Your attorney might encourage you to take legal action against the trucking company. This is a common decision when the damages are so severe that it would exceed even the high policy limits of the commercial truck insurance provider. 

A truck accident attorney might encourage you to take this route and seek a settlement from the company itself or file a lawsuit and have the assets of the company seized to pay for the damages you have suffered.

The Truck Manufacturer

The company that manufactured the truck might be responsible for the accident. For example, there might have been a defect that contributed to the crash, and a truck accident attorney will get to the bottom of it.

The Challenges of Seeking Compensation from Multiple Parties

One of the challenges you might face is that you will need to determine exactly how much each party is responsible for your injuries. Your attorney will need to review accident reports, police statements, police reports, and statements made by the other parties involved in the accident.

An expert witness will review the evidence to determine to what extent each party is responsible for the accident. To some extent, liability for each party will be subjective. To reduce liability, each party will try to blame another for being more at fault and may also try to hold you partially responsible. Because each party will likely have a competent legal team working for them, it's essential that you also have a truck accident lawyer working on your behalf. 

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