4 Categories Of People Who May Be On Your Property

If you are a property owner and someone gets hurt, they may want to sue you for their medical costs and pain and suffering. You will need to see a personal injury attorney so that they can help you figure out if you are liable for the bills of the person who got hurt. There are a lot of things that can go into who can sue you if they get hurt on your property. Your attorney can help you figure out who can and cannot sue you and can help defend you in court. There are various categories that people fall into when they are on your property, and those people have different standings when it comes to liability and personal injuries. What are some of those categories?


An invitee is someone who you have invited onto your property. This may matter more if the property is business instead of your personal property. For example, a customer to a store that you own is going to be someone who is an invitee. They have an understood invitation, even if you aren't standing outside your door personally inviting everyone into your store. 

Social Guest

A social guest is someone who is willingly welcomed onto your property. This may be someone like your brother who has a standing invitation to drop by whenever they want. A social guest would also be someone who you have invited over to a party. Social guests and invitees can be very close to each other when it comes to trying to classify them, and they both generally have some expectation of safety when they are on your property. 


A licensee is someone who is on your property, but they are doing their own business. This could include someone like a delivery person or a meter reader. How liable you are for their injuries can vary.


This is a person who comes onto your property without any kind of permission at all. They are not welcome, and you may have asked them to not be on your property in the past or you have posted your property as no trespassing. These people will most likely have the least valid claim for recompense.

If someone gets hurt on your property and decides to sue, go see an attorney. They can tell you if the person has standing to sue you for their injuries or if their case is spurious. 

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