Facing Deportation? Get A Deportation Defense Attorney To Help You

If you are currently living in the United States and are an immigrant, you may have recently found out that you are facing deportation. When deportation occurs, an individual gets arrested at any moment and will need to attend deportation hearings. If things do not go well, the individual may get sent back to the country they are from instead of getting the chance to stay in the United States. Because the thought of getting deported and going back to the country you were born in may be frightening, it helps to get professional assistance from a deportation defense lawyer. Your lawyer will want the best for you and will work hard in an attempt to help you to stay in the United States.

Going Over All the Details

When you meet a deportation defense lawyer, the first thing you should do is explain your situation. Your lawyer needs to find out more information about you and will likely to do so by asking some questions, such as:

  • How long has it been that you have lived in the United States?
  • Did you enter the United States legally or illegally?
  • Have you ever been arrested or convicted of any crimes?
  • Do you have relatives living in the United States?

You can feel safe about answering these questions when your deportation lawyer asks them because the lawyer is there to help you, not make your situation any worse. A deportation lawyer might ask these questions to get a better feel for how you got into the United States and what you have done since being here. Many immigrants have arrived in the United States as babies alongside their parents without knowing or understanding the immigration process because they were too young.

Creating a Deportation Defense 

After your deportation defense lawyer gets more information on you, your immigration status, and your situation, it is then that they can create a defense to use when going to court. The defense may consist of letting the judge know that you may not know anything about the country you were born in because you have lived in the United States for so long. Despite being in the United States illegally, you may have been a productive citizen who stays out of trouble. While this defense will not work for everyone, especially those who have criminal records in the United States, it could work out well for you. The lawyer will adjust the defense strategy based on your situation and the answers you have provided to questions asked during legal consultations.

You may have just found out that you are facing deportation. If you are worried about getting removed from the United States, talk to a deportation defense attorney in your area who wants to help you. The attorney could potentially help you avoid deportation.

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