Deciphering 3 Common Stealing Charges

Many crimes sound similar, but they are actually quite different when you think about the legal terms. One common example exists when you think about the concepts of robbery, burglary, and theft. These words are often used similarly, but in the legal process, they actually have different meanings. If you are charged with one or more of these crimes, you need to understand the different terms. This is what each of these terms mean.


Theft, which is typically the same charge as larceny, is a basic crime that refers to the act of taking property from another person with the intent to permanently deprive the other person of being able to use it. For example, taking a necklace out of a person's purse without them noticing it so you can try to sell it might be considered theft. Some states may have different degrees of theft or larceny, and it often depends on the value of the stolen items. An individual who steals more than $1,000, for instance, might face steeper penalties than somebody who steals $20.


Robbery is slightly different from your average theft. Robbery is theft that uses the threat of fear or some other type of force. If somebody robs another person, they might intimidate them to hand over the items rather than simply taking the items out of a bag. Even snatching the item violently or in a way that might invoke fear or the threat of fear can become robbery instead of theft.


Burglary is typically associated with stealing, but it does not always require theft for a charge to take place. Burglary typically relates to simply being somewhere with the intention of committing some type of crime. For instance, you could enter the premises to vandalize property or to use drugs and be charged with burglary—even if you do not steal anything or intend to steal anything. In fact, you simply have to have the intention to commit a crime to face the charges. Even if you don't actually commit the crime, intent is enough for detainment.

Contact an Attorney

You should contact a criminal defense attorney if you are being charged with any crime, including burglary, robbery, or theft. You should always work with a professional to see if you can have these charges dropped or to determine if you can move forward with getting a plea bargain. 

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