Know Your Rights When You Are In An Accident With A Commercial Truck

If you are hit by a commercial truck driver and you have injuries, you have the right to file a claim for compensation to recover your losses. When an accident occurs, the first step is to establish who was at fault for the accident. Even when you share some of the fault, you will be able to file a claim if you are less than 50% to blame for the accident. The driver of the commercial truck may have been driving too fast, or the truck could have malfunctioned to cause the accident. Your truck accident lawyer will take a careful look at your case to determine who is at fault and responsible for the injuries you have sustained.

Your Losses After a Truck Accident

When you are hit by a commercial truck while driving a much smaller vehicle, your injuries can be substantial. While your obvious losses, such as damage to your vehicle, medical bills, and lost wages are easy to add up, it's important to take a look at your ability to recover as well. If you are permanently disabled because of your truck accident, your compensation goes up because you have lost your ability to earn a living. Pain and suffering are substantial when you are not able to recover fully.

Who to File Your Claim Against

Truck accident lawyers are good at identifying who you can file your claim against. If the problem was with the truck itself, the manufacturer can be held liable. When the driver works for a company and was forced to work long hours, the company that employs the driver may share some liability. The driver could be liable as well, and it's important to look at all the variables of the accident to determine who the claim should be against.

When You Share Liability

Your liability is factored into the situation if you should receive compensation for your injuries. If you are 30% at fault, your compensation is reduced by 30%. It is important to clear up the accident report if it shows you are more at fault than you are in order to receive the compensation you deserve.

Truck accidents can lead to a permanent disability. When you are in an accident with a commercial truck, it's time to find a truck accident attorney that can help. With the right representation, you may be able to settle your case without going to trial.

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