Should You Hire A Private Investigator To Follow Your Spouse?

When you marry someone, the expectation is that you will be open and honest with them about everything. So if you think your spouse may be sneaking around and hiding some deep secrets, it's normal to feel hurt and concerned. Finding out the truth of the matter can be tough since your spouse might lie to you to protect themselves. Hiring a private investigator is often the best way to find out what's really going on. Here are three ways a private investigator can help.

1. Follow them and take video footage.

It's perfectly legal for a private investigator to follow someone and take video footage of them in most states. The investigator you hire can drive after your spouse during the daytime while you're at work, and give you a report of where they went and how long they spent there. If they interact with anyone in public, the investigator will generally take video footage of it — as long as they can do so undetected — so you can see who that person is and judge whether you know them. Note that investigators cannot trespass on private property, so you won't get footage of your spouse actually in someone's home — although you might see footage of them entering and leaving the home.

2. Do online research.

A private investigator cannot legally hack accounts or demand bank information, but in this day and age, they do tend to be excellent internet sleuths. They can conduct deep web searches and dig up social media information the average person would not find in a basic Google search. If your spouse has an online significant other or has been conducting some illegal activity online, it's unlikely they have done so without leaving any trace — and the private investigator will find that trace.

3. Gather information from others.

Private investigators are also great at gathering information from others your spouse may interact with. For instance, if your spouse enters a hotel, the investigator may chat with the desk agent and get a little more information from them about what name your spouse used and how often they stay. They may also talk to store clerks, waiters, and other service people who may see your spouse on a regular basis — all without raising suspicion that they're tracking down information about your spouse. 

Hiring a private investigation services provider is often the best way to find out what's really going on with your mysterious spouse.

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