Three Steps To Take After A Ticket For Driving Over A Freshly Painted Line

As a motorist, it's important to not only respect the yellow and white lines that you see on the road but to also be wary of them when they're freshly painted. If you drive enough, you'll sometimes come across a painting crew freshly painting lines on the road. Typically, the area around these lines will be signed, and the lines themselves may be blocked while they dry. Motorists should not drive over freshly painted lines, as doing so can leave a mess on the road that could confuse other drivers. If a painting crew member has spotted you cutting through a freshly painted line, he or she could report you and you might end up with a traffic ticket. Here are some steps that you should take.

Don't Deny It

When you're charged with a traffic violation and hire an attorney, you might work together to fight the claim against you by stating that it didn't happen. This is generally a poor idea after a ticket for driving through a freshly painted line, however. Upon doing so, there will often be evidence on your vehicle. For example, paint splatters on your tires and rims, as well as on the inside of the wheel well and perhaps even on the outer fender can all be telltale signs that you did that of which you're accused.

Build A Defense

Instead of denying that you moved across a freshly painted line, your defense should explain that you had a legitimate reason for doing so. This isn't something to fabricate and tell your attorney. Instead, you should talk about why you actually committed this traffic violation. A common reason could be that you were attempting to avoid one of the painting crew's trucks. For example, if you saw a wide truck approaching in your mirror, you may have moved aside to allow it adequate space to pass — and inadvertently crossed into the fresh paint.

Look For Evidence To Support You

It's fine to give a seemingly legitimate reason for crossing over a freshly painted line, but you'll want something to substantiate your claim. Your attorney's investigators will have you show them exactly where the incident took place so that they can determine if there are any traffic cameras in the area. For example, TV stations frequently have traffic cameras in various areas that they can use to show rush hour congestion and other traffic issues. If the investigators can get access to the footage at the time of your incident, your attorney can show your justified reason for crossing the freshly painted line.

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