4 Ways Mentors Benefit Children

Children of all ages are incredibly impressionable and vulnerable. Given these factors, in the wrong environment, a child can start out early down a less-than-desirable path. You can make a difference in the life of a child. As a juvenile volunteer, you can connect with a child that may be at risk and be a mentor. For a child in a volatile situation, your listening ear could mean a world of difference. Learn how your time can change the life of a child.

Role Model

Children learn by example. However, many at-risk youth don't have an example to look at. As a juvenile mentor, you can be a positive example in the child's life. Even a small amount of interaction with an adult that is on a positive course of direction in their life can be a refresher to children who only see adults making poor and dangerous decisions on a regular basis. Your everyday behaviors can mean a lot to an impressionable child.

Recognizing Potential

When a child is exposed to constant negativity, they have a tendency to put a ceiling on their success. If you grow up in an environment full of failure, it's easy to assume that the same outcome awaits you. As a mentor, you show a child another part of your life that helps them recognize their own potential. Whether it's going to college or choosing a competitive career, children with positive reinforcement can see the potential for their own success better. 


Confidence is not an automatic behavior. Confidence is a learned behavior that is improved with interaction. For a child with a limited support system, confidence is often a struggle. However, there is something compelling about knowing that there is someone out there that cares. When a child knows someone cares about their wellbeing, they start to learn their value. Knowing your worth is a precursor to confidence. 

Support System

Since children are impressionable, it's easy for them to sometimes get lured into activities that may not be rewarding or safe. However, an impressionable child without a support system might be at even a higher risk of making a wrong decision. As a youth volunteer, you create a support system for the child. If they feel peer pressure to make a bad decision, they can look to you for support and encouragement to help avoid the situation.

Be the positive light in a child's life. Research child public affair charities to find out how you can become a juvenile volunteer in your local area. 

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