A Closer Look At Circumstances Proving You Need An Attorney As An Immigrant

In most cases, applying for a green card or visa to the United States is not that big of a deal and will not require that you have the assistance of an attorney to make the process happen. Usually, the whole application process naturally progresses from one step to the next and you are eventually approved. However, there are some situations when it is ideal that you hire an immigration attorney. As an immigrant looking for citizenship in the United States, it is a good idea to get to know some of the specific situations when hiring an immigration attorney will prove to be beneficial. 

If you have ever been involved in court proceedings because of your immigration status. 

If you are currently or have previously been involved in court proceedings as an immigrant, the same standards will not apply to you when you apply for a visa or green card in the United States. In fact, this can change everything about the entire process of applying. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you communicate with an attorney before you even try to apply. If something happens after you have applied for a visa or green card, immediately contact your attorney. 

There are inexplicable delays in your application. 

In some situations, you really don't have to do anything wrong for your application for a visa or green card to run into delays. Something as simple as moving from one state to another can mean facing month after month of dead-end phone calls and even lost paperwork. If you are experiencing seemingly unfair delays in your immigration process, it is always best to enlist the aid of attorney who may be able to push things along a little faster because they know what to do and are familiar with immigration laws. 

If you are deemed as an inadmissible immigrant after applying for citizenship. 

There are a lot of reasons why your application to get a green card or visa in the United States can be denied. For example, if you mistakenly give false information during the application process, you could be deemed inadmissible, and this is a situation that will definitely be hard to rebut on your own. If your application is denied, it is a good idea to at least consult with an immigration attorney to find out of there is anything that could be done to help your case. 

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