3 Types Of Personal Injury You Can Sue For

When you are injured by no fault of your own, oftentimes you can create a personal injury lawsuit to pay for your injuries. There are a number of different types of personal injuries that you can sue for.

Personal Injuries From Car Accidents 

The most common type of personal injury you can sue for involves motor vehicle accidents. Typically, these cases come down to a clash between insurance companies: your own insurance versus the other driver's. Complicating matters are situations where you and the driver who caused your injury both have the same insurance carrier.

You should sue for personal injury in this case if you feel as if the settlement from the insurance company is unsatisfactory. Consider whether the offer they make covers every medical expense you incurred. Also consider lost wages, both because of the injury and any impact it may have on your earning potential going forward. At the very least, it may be worth it to consult with a car accident lawyer before signing any settlements offered by the insurance carriers. 

Personal Injuries Resulting From A Slip And Fall

The second type of frequent personal injury case involves slipping and falling. In most jurisdictions around the country, a business, homeowner, or tenant is responsible for maintaining the safe conditions of the exterior and interior of their building or residence.

If you do have an accident like this, it's important that you try to document as best you can the conditions that led to your fall. If you have a smartphone, try to photograph the surface of any floor or grounds. Get the names and phone numbers of any eyewitnesses, and document all medical treatments you receive. For these cases, a general personal injury lawyer who offers a free initial consultation is the best place to start. 

Personal Injury Medical Malpractice Cases 

The third common type of personal injury case involves medical malpractice. These cases will absolutely put you in conflict with a caregiver's malpractice insurance carrier. As a result, you will need your own attorney to stand up for your rights as a patient. Most importantly, you should seek out lawyers who specialize in medical malpractice cases, due to the intricate laws that govern these suits. Especially look for attorneys who base their fees off awards they may win for you and who also offer a free initial consultation.

These are just a few of the cases where it is wise to sue for a personal injury suit so that you can get covered for injuries, emotional damages and lost wages. Contact an attorney like one from Gibbs and Parnell if you think you have a personal injury case.  

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