3 Common Types Of Personal Injury Cases

If you have been wrongfully harmed due to neglect or otherwise intentional reasons, you could be entitled to damages from those who are liable for your injury. It can be difficult to tell if you have a solid reason to sue under the rubric of a personal injury case, however. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn of a few specific types of cases where you can sue a person under the rubric of a personal injury suit.

Defamation of Character

Defamation of character exists as two types: libel and slander. The former recognizes that defendant in such a case has potentially published something that is both false and damaging to an individual's character, while slander means that the defendant verbalized such a thing in a public forum. If a person has committed either of these said crimes, then they could be held liable for damages incurred.

Slip and Fall

You can sue an individual for a slip and fall accident if you have fallen on their private property or place of business and the matter was caused due to their own negligent stance on the care of the property. Essentially, this means if you fell over your own two feet on someone's property, then you are the individual responsible for your own accident. A case where a person could be held responsible for damages can be exemplified as such: a business owner fails to adequately salt the pathways leading up to his or her business prior to and after a large snowstorm. A patron, making his or her way, slips and falls. This negligent behavior could mean that the business owner could wind up paying damages totaling the aggregate of the plaintiff's medical bills and possibly more.

Medical Malpractice

There are generally two ways that you can sue someone for medical malpractice under the rubric of a personal injury suit. The first one involves a physician or other health practitioner not providing reasonable services to you if you were physically injured. The second way you can sue an individual for medical malpractice is due to an individual falsifying his or her credentials in order to get you to believe that he or she is a practicing physician or other type of health worker.

Hopefully, this guide has shed a bit of light onto some of the ways in which a person could be held responsible for damages you have incurred due to a personal injury. If you have any further questions regarding the matter, it is recommended that you call a local and trusted personal injury attorney like one from Dunnigan & Messier P.C. at your convenience.

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