Appeal Process for Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability is a program that is designed for people that are not able to work. The reason for not working can be linked to injury, health or mental issues. This type of disability program is designed to offer compensation to individuals that can't gain employment due to no fault of their own. The process of applying for social security disability can be time consuming and complex. Applicants must prove that their adverse health or mental condition keeps them from working. It is typical for many applicants to be denied when they first apply for Social Security Disability. This means that the appeal process needs to be fully understood.


Once you are alerted that you did not qualify for Social Security Disability, you still have options. The appeal process can begin right away by contacting the Social Security Administration and beginning the appeal. There is a deadline for appeal that you need to follow and the Request for Reconsideration form is the first document that you will be required to file. A disability report appeals is the second document that you need to file during the reconsideration phase of your appeal. Any new medical updates should be added to your reports along with additional medical conditions that have worsened since you first filed for disability. The appeal deadline is normally sixty days, so you need to begin the reconsideration process within this time frame.

Follow Up

After you have sent in the proper documentation for your appeal, it is essential that you follow up with the Social Security Administration. This is to make sure that the documents you have sent in have been obtained and that your appeal is being reviewed. If you have hired an attorney to handle your Social Security Disability case, they can follow up on your behalf.


The biggest difference from the appeal process and your initial filing is the amount of time it takes to get a response. When you first file for Social Security Disability it can take up to two years to be denied or approved, but your response to an appeal is much faster. It is common to hear a response from your appeal within four or less. You only have the ability to appeal once with the same medical condition. If your condition does worsen with time, you do have the ability to apply for Social Security Disability again even after a failed appeal. For assistance, tlak to a social security disability specialist like Michael P Boyle.

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