How To Minimize DWI Charges

If you have been charged with a DWI, you might think your only option is to accept a conviction and move on. The problem is, DWI charges will be on your record forever, and can affect other facets of your life such as employment. If there is anything that you can do to lessen or throw out DWI charges, it is worth the time and effort. Here are four things that you can do to help minimize DWI charges.

1. Get An Experienced Lawyer

Making sure that you have a lawyer with experience dealing directly with DWI cases is important. This isn't a time that a general attorney should be sourced, or a lawyer that you have used in the past for something else. Find an experienced DWI lawyer from recommendations or review sites to make sure you have the best chance in court.

2. Look Into The Possibility Of Reducing Charges

Some courts will look at reducing a DWI charge if you are willing to plead guilty to reckless driving or a lesser charge. With this, you are admitting that there was wrongdoing, which can reduce your case but still make a judge feel as if they are teaching you a lesson. Every case is different so your lawyer will know if this might be an option.

3. Look For Details That May Help Get Your Case Thrown Out

Improper conduct by police, faulty equipment or inadequate proof all might come into play. If your charges were handled improperly, a judge might not be able to convict you of the offense. Your DWI lawyer can look into all facets from your case to make sure there wasn't anything that was handled improperly. They might catch a mistake that can lower your charge or have your case thrown out entirely.

4. Check The Possibility Of Getting A First Time DWI Expunged

An expensive, longer way to deal with a DWI is to accept the charges, but under the contingency that you will attend some sort of rehabilitation program after. Once you have completed the court-ordered program, you may have a chance to have your offenses expunged. Make sure to understand what is expected from you in this type of situation so that you can make sure that you fulfill all of your post-conviction requirements.

Fighting a DWI charge can be tough, but it is sometimes possible. Work with a lawyer who can comb through your case will uncover any details that might help with your specific case. Many different factors come into play, but you might be in luck when it comes to minimizing DWI charges. For more information, contact a specialist like Patrick McLaughlin Esq.

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