Famous Fathers Who Have Sole Custody Of Their Children

Pew Research Center reports that only 8% of children are raised in a home where their father is the primary caretaker, but the site also states that the number of men who have sole custody has increased significantly over the last 50 years. The reports make sense, as there have been numerous male celebrities in the limelight for gaining custody of their children during a custody trial. Here are three famous fathers who have primary custody of their kids.


After 3 years of fighting against his ex, Tameka Foster, in the courtroom, Usher was awarded primary custody of his children. Tameka did not take the news well initially, but things seem to have calmed down between the exes. She recently agreed to let Naviyd and Usher V, the divorced couple's boys, attend Usher's upcoming wedding to Grace Miguel.

Reports vary about why Usher was granted sole custody, but it may have had something to do with Tameka's mental health. Usher stated that Tameka was incapable of properly caring for the boys, and a court-appointed psychologist found that Tameka had narcissistic tendencies. Tameka was also accused of assaulting Usher's soon-to-be wife during a custody drop-off. 

Gary Shirley

If you're a fan of Teen Mom, then you probably remember how bad things were between Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley. Amber regularly assaulted Gary on television, and she later admitted to having a drug problem. She requested prison time rather than rehab, then willingly signed away sole custody of the couple's daughter, Leah, to Gary. 

If Amber decides to seek joint custody in the future, it will not be an amicable situation. Gary stated that he will retain primary custody of Leah "forever," adding that he has been the sole provider for the last "3 or 4 years."


In January of 2015, a judge awarded Ludacris sole custody of his 13-month-old daughter, Cai. Ludacris conceived the child with his ex, Tamika Fuller. During his custody trial, Ludacris was represented by a team of 6 family law attorneys. Tamika had one lawyer. 

Ludacris issued a statement claiming that several factors influenced the judge's decision to award him primary custody of Cai, including witness testimonies and a written report by the guardian ad litem appointed to the case. Tamika also has an older daughter who she willingly abandoned with the child's father, and that may have influenced the judge's decision.

You don't have to be a celebrity to gain sole custody of your children, especially if you have a strong case against your ex. Schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney so that you can explain why you feel you should be the primary caretaker of your kids. The family law or divorce attorney will help you during every step of your legal case, from filing paperwork for visitation and custody to presenting a compelling argument to the judge about why you're the best parent. 

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