Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are: How To Find A Lost Loved One

Whether you are searching for a family member you never met or trying to track down a long lost love, finding a single person in a sea of millions can easily seem like a hopeless battle. However, there are many tools available to help make this search easier, and more importantly, to help ensure your search is successful. Below you will learn more about these tools and how they can help you find your lost loved one once and for all.

Search Engines

Performing a search query is often the first step that people take when trying to find a loved one. In fact, there is a good chance that you have already tried this method before turning to this article for help. However, there is also a good chance that you failed to gather all the information that a search engine could provide. This is because many people simply put their loved ones name into a single search engine and then feel defeated when the results they were looking for are not produced. Thankfully, there is a better way.

First, begin by surrounding your query with quotation marks. This will help you to get more relevant results rather than a page of ads telling you that they can help you find your loved one. Next, be sure to perform your search in as many engines as you can find, not just the big ones. Since each engine works off its own database, you will receive different results from each engine. Remember, all it takes is just one successful query to find the person you are looking for, so don't give up.

Public Records

Many of the most important moments in your loved one's life will be a matter of public record. For instance, if they get married, buy a home, or have a child, there will be a record of this event in the county where the event occurred.

If you know the city or state where your loved one resides, searching public records will be as easy as accessing the local county database, either through the web or in person. While this task will be a bit more difficult with limited information, it is certainly not impossible. Simply start by doing a record search in each state using your loved one's name. Once you are able to identify states that they have lived in, you will be able to narrow your search to each county in the state.

Private Investigator

While many records are made public, others will be far more difficult to access. For instance, the Department of Motor Vehicles will often have vital information concerning your loved one's whereabouts. Unfortunately, you cannot simply walk into the local DMV and ask them for a current address for Joe Smith. A Private investigator on the hand, will be able to easily access this information via their personal database.

If you find that you have reached a dead end in your search or that you don't have enough time to dedicate to your search, hiring a private investigator can give you access to a whole new world of information, while also saving you a lot of time.

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